“Solar energy holds the best potential for meeting the planet’s long-term energy needs”

– Massachussets Institute of Technology


Oil, coal, and natural gas are not limitless. These will continue to increase in cost, while solar power gets more efficient and more affordable. The sun will be around for another 5 billion years, and by capturing a fraction of its energy we can power all of humanity forever. No more oil tankers, coal mines, moving parts or power lines. Any way you look at it, it’s a better way to do energy.


In an industry heretofore dominated by monopolies, where innovation has been stagnant, and families have had no choice but to pay for soaring energy costs year after year, we at V3 feel privileged to present our customers with a better way to power their homes.

Power companies should be able to compete for the business of their customers. This promotes a healthy, free-market economy, and prevents monopolies and inefficiency in the industry. V3 customers are no longer consumers. They join a new generation of producer/consumers, whom we refer to as: pro-sumers. Our average customer immediately saves $45 per month, they enjoy guaranteed low-fixed energy rates, and they use clean energy from an infinite resource. Our customers are joining a movement to bring innovation, efficiency, customer service, affordability, and competition to the energy industry.


to the energy industry

How Solar Works

  • Solar Panels

    Each panel converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

  • Inverter

    The inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.

  • Utility Meter

    The meter measures your energy use. When the system produces more power than needed, the meter goes backwards, accumulating credits that offset your electricity use at night.

  • System Monitoring

    We monitor your system’s activity 24/7 and are alerted if any abnormalities occur so we can fix it immediately. Check your system production at any time using the website or the smartphone app.


Our customers are no longer consumers, they join a new generation of producer/consumers. Join the movement.

The Process: 3 easy steps

Professional Consultation

A trained surveyor will visit your home and take readings to ensure maximum solar efficiency and evaluate any shading risk.

The Power Purchase Agreement

Your agreement to purchase power at a lower rate than your utility, and get monitoring and maintenance on us.


The surveyor’s observations go to our design team for final plans and permits. When your system has cleared this process, installation begins.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How does V3 make money?

We are compensated by your new monthly power bill.  We are investing in the installation of a power plant on your property, with a 20 year commitment to be your new primary energy provider.

Will I really start saving money every month?

The amount saved is different for everyone, but we can tell you our average customer saves about $45 per month. The best news is that your rate is locked in, so as energy prices increase, your savings increase exponentially over time.

Is it really free?

Yes.  But not every home is eligible.  Your home may not qualify if you rent, have a bad roof, poor credit, or severe shading issues.  We will conduct a free site audit of your property and see if you are eligible.  Click here to see if you qualify

How long will the installation take?

Once V3 gets approval from your city or county, we will call you to schedule your install.  Expect a crew of 4-6 V3 installers at your home for 1-2 days. Once installed, V3 will work to get you interconnected with the grid, and your system becomes fully operational.

What if something breaks or the system doesn’t produce?

Your system includes free maintenance and repairs for 20 years for our customers (Unless otherwise stated in your contract.  Refer to your sales representative or contract if in doubt). We use only the highest quality Tier 1 equipment and back them with 100% coverage for every customer. Solar panels very rarely require maintenance, but your system’s production is monitored 24/7 and if we notice something wrong we will schedule an appointment to come fix it.  If the system isn’t producing, we aren’t getting paid, so we are motivated to fix it promptly.

What happens if I move?

No problem. We expect most of our customers will move at some point.  A simple transfer of utility will take place free of charge to the new homeowner.  Several studies have shown that adding solar to your home immediately adds value to your home and can actually help it sell faster. Potential buyers recognize the value in lowering their power bill.

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