Local Solar, Done Right

What does V3 mean?
V3 comes from the three core values of the company.
In short it means driven for a cause.
Energy and drive. At V3 we have a young, hungry spirit to work hard and do what is right. We are disrupting the energy industry, and that gives us purpose.
Freedom of choice and Freewill. We believe that more options gives us freedom. You should have a choice in how you buy your energy. Our customers enjoy that freedom.
Way of life. This is not just a job for us. It permeates into everything we do, on and off the clock. V3 has a strong company culture, and we are passionate about our cause.
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A different kind of solar company

Competition is the best thing for an industry. When multiple companies are competing for your business,  it promotes efficiency, lowers costs, drives innovation, and helps the industry evolve. When an industry is monopolized and competition is eliminated, the monopoly loses its incentive to cut costs, innovate, and provide good customer service because they know their customers have no other choice. The energy industry is a prime example of how monopolies can be damaging. We’ve been using the same methods for nearly a century and costs continue to rise year after year. We at V3 are thrilled with the opportunity to provide a better option to power your home.

We win the hearts of our customers because they can see that we are fighting for them. We are committed to doing this the right way. Our customers are no longer consumers. They become producer-consumers who sustainably use what they produce, and save money while doing it. Our average customer saves $45 per month right away, and locks in low energy rates. As traditional energy costs continue to rise, our customers’ savings grow exponentially. Our customers join a new movement to change the way we power our homes and businesses, promote a healthy environment and economy, and save money while doing it. Its a win-win-win for all. Join Us.

What our customers say about us...


Your representative, Kiet was wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable and upfront. I wasn't ready for a quote today. But when I am I'll request that it be done by Kiet. I rate his visit a ten... read more

Sharon Hamilton


Here is our experience with your company in a nut shell: 1. Installation was quick, professional and completed on schedule with plenty of experienced workmen and supervision on site! 2. Not only.. read more

Barbara J. Mack


They are very efficient, a job well done. They said our bill would be less and it is in fact much less. We have only been in full operation for 2 billing cycles but I am impressed. So far things are a.. read more

Georgia Ybright

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