“We win the hearts of our customers because they can see that we are fighting for them.  They can see that we are committed to doing this the right way.” – Atul Raj, COO V3 Electric

V3 Electric Inc BBB Business Review

Your representative, Kiet was wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable and upfront. I wasn’t ready for a quote today. But when I am I’ll request that it be done by Kiet. I rate his visit a ten.

Sharon Hamilton


Here is our experience with your company in a nut shell:

1. Installation was quick, professional and completed on schedule with plenty of experienced workmen and supervision on site!
2. Not only the supervisions polite and professional, but the workmen seemed very knowledgeable about the process as well.
3. Our property was left in good order without any trash or evidence your crew had even been there other then the new solar.
4. I would rate your install technicians a “5” on a scale of 1 to 5 as each was professional, polite and knowledgeable. You may use me as a reference as to the quality of your installation anytime.

We got to turn on our system to day and are thrilled it came up 12/12 all panels working and hopefully giving us a real break on the outrageous electrical costs we have been experiencing with PG&E.

One caution I would note, after a high electrical bill of $68 in a year of living here, the minute we signed our contract with you, the following month our electrical bill was $160 and the following month $240, it appears they do not like losing customers.

It is too bad there was an unknown open building permit from the previous owners which delayed our installation by a couple of months giving them this opportunity to jack our bill. We thank you for your help in following up with the county and helping us resolve this issue.

Thank you for your fine service, we look forward to doing business with V-3.

Barbara J. Mack


They are very efficient, a job well done. They said our bill would be less and it is in fact much less. We have only been in full operation for 2 billing cycles but I am impressed. So far things are above expectations. The planners, site-assessment people, install-personnel, and inspectors were very aware how relatively fragile our composition roofing is in warm weather, and left it in virtually damage-free condition. Thank you.

Georgia Ybright


V3 Electric installed my solar panels in June of 2016. From start to finish the process was smooth. All of V3 associates including the office staff are extremely qualified, efficient and helpful! I’ve been extremely pleased with the efficiency of the solar panels and the work that was performed to get everything running. I highly recommend this company. Thank you V3!

Parvin Malik


I checked out several solar companies before finally settling on V3. Their sales rep Joe, was extremely helpful and up front with all the details on how the system operates and what the rates are and are going to be. They went above and beyond what I expected from a solar company. They delivered on all their promises. The workers were very professional and seemed very happy with their jobs. The finished project was done on schedule and seems to be working quite well. I would definitely recommend this company and especially the sales rep, Joe Franco. The crews came out when expected and never left until the job was finished and always cleaned up. Very professional. Now all I have to do is wait for my first bill and see if how great the savings are, been averaging 450 to 550 per month in the summers, hoping to at least cut that in half. Its a high bill due to the fact that we are all electric and PG&E ‘s rate are outrages. Going solar was a no brainer . So at the end of our 20 year contract are rate per kwh will be lower then PG&E’s tier 1 rate and almost 50% lower then their second tier. Hello V3 solar and goodbye to PG&E. Thanks V3 Solar

Louis Bitonti


I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the additional work your company did to my V3 solar system. You and all of your crew were very responsive to the issues I raised when Joe asked me about a recommendation. I know your company incurred considerable costs (costs that I thought I was going to incur) to do the rework that included primarily rerouting most of the electrical lines through my attic to eliminate the unsightly external conduit lines. Both of you and all of your construction team were sincere and genuine about how to make reasonable changes. I can now say two things, I am happy with the installation job and can now look at my house and solar systems and feel good about how they both look. I might also add that all of the people I had contact with at V3 seemed like “good people” which was one of the key reasons why I selected V3 to do my solar systems. Now I’m looking forward to the electrical production and future savings I’ll obtain from the system. I’m a happy camper.


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